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released July 21, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Maximilian Abraham at Backdraft Audio:




all rights reserved


DAMAGER Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Awakening
I will destroy your fucking life
Track Name: Betrayer
The way you look at me makes me wanna beat
The life out of your eyes to the cadence of your cries (sucker)
Holding the baseball bat tight in my hands and hope
That the next hit is breaking through your carnial bone
I’m so fed up with your lies
How can you dare to privatize
The elements of life
Stealing the essence of
What we are made of
(Now I reclaim)
What you have taken
I will never let you take away our nature given rights
Without resistance
If you withhold these rights
I will eradicate your fucking life
No matter how long it takes, to bring you down to your knees
to surrender
You’re just another betrayer that I have to reveal
Why can't you just shut up and die, every word is a lie to
conceal your intents
The only way to restrain is if I cut off your lips
And watch the blood pouring out of your mouth
Black lies falling down on the ground
All you do to hide the truth in my words
Is a proof to the world that I’m right and you’re wrong
Track Name: Backstabber
This world will never change
Gasp for the scepter
You have to reach the throne before the rest
Claim the crown
And don’t you know you’re just their scapegoat
They give a fuck about your loyalty
If you stick by the club or not it kills you anyway
You even gave the last fucking piece of a private life
It’s not on you if you live or die
Because nobody cares about your will to survive
If the council wants your head
The next contender waits
to stab a knife into your back
you just wanted to lead
now you die to their feet
for the sins of a mob of fucking criminals
Silence all antagonists
Confidence is a trap
Greed replaces honesty
Fuck your faith into humanity
Silence all sovereigns
Replace them and replicate
Track Name: Finisher
Cuffed behind the back sitting on a bench
What happened? the memory is black
No questions, the only answer I get is a smack in my
Is it possible to pitch a fit like this
Next time better skip a couple of drinks
Release me and I promise I will be an honest man
Pushed into a cell
all eyes on me
They arouse by the smell of a freshman
No help
I have to fight for myself if I want to get out alive
Dirty jobs have to be done by your hands
Take the banger bitch and accomplish your mission
Fast and merciless impacts are driving the blade into the
Multiple times conducted by the hands of a frantic man
Soon you will be alone
Noone will respect you for your felony
Keep it secret for the rest of your penalty
Track Name: Commissioner
How shall anyone feel safe while you observe these
This is where my operation will begin
I’m gonna liberate this city from your tyranny
Extorting the ones you’re supposed to protect
I never wanted to be the monster that you’ve made me
Revenge is all I seek for and my mind is shaped
By the desperation of the girls that you raped
The innocents that you blamed
And so I will make you go through
the hell that you gave to
The ones who were not able to pay the due
Nobody Knows about the lies that you spit
The damage you afflict through
The crimes you commit
Under the protection of mistaken policy
My urge for blood is overwhelming me
It feels like therapy
When your empty orbits
Are pleading to my eyes
I will burn your limbs inch by inch until you die until
you die
When the rest of you is turning to ashes I will
fucking smile
I will fucking smile
Track Name: Abomination
Release the fire that burns with the strength of thousand
Inside you
Since we live in a world of disgust
Where people are killing their brothers for lust
There’s no reason to just give a fuck
About the lives of a strain of perverted products
(products) Of envy, wrath and gluttony
It is time to eliminate the bulk of your heads
Humanity is bounded to false morality
I’m sick of all your fucking faces, of the shit that leaves
your mouth
Is there any option, that makes you set your life an end
How is it possible that the majority
Is not able to think proper anymore destroy them all
You made me swallow your shit, now I will make you
run when I drop the bomb above your heads
rot between maggots and guts in the dirt
its time to eliminate the bulk of your heads
morality is grounded on false humanity
blinded by the liars